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Filipino-American Association
of Greater Atlanta

Serving the Filipino-American community in metro Atlanta since 1974

As a Fil-Am member, you help build and sustain the spirit of community among the Filipino-Americans in metro Atlanta.
You make possible the year-round evens at which Filipino-Americans gather to cultivate and grow our heritage of culture.

right arrow Pam Peterman, President
right arrow Koko Trinidad, Vice President
right arrow Lilia Hagler, Secretary
right arrow Nora O'Brien, Treasurer
right arrow Cesar De Los Reyes, PRO
right arrow Alice de Gracia, Social Chair
right arrow Lolit Elliott, Service Chair
right arrow Jovy Aguilar, Culture Chair
right arrow Nenette Smith, Membership Chair
right arrow Jeff Dulog, Ways & Means Chair
right arrow Fred Vidanes,
Next Immediate Past President, Director
right arrow Elsie Vidanes,
Immediate Past President, Director
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Fil-Am Atlanta celebrated 40 years of service to the metro Atlanta community. Photo: Cesar de los Reyes.

Camille Siena Mapua, Fil-Am Presidential Scholar of 2014

She could be the next American Idol or the next Miss USA with beauty, brains and talent all in one package. The daughter of George and Czarina Mapua from Marietta ,Camille is a senior at Wheeler High School Magnet Program. She has an amazing GPA score of 4.411 and an ACT score of 35. Aside from being consistently in the Principalís Honor Roll, Camille is a member of the National Honors Society, National Science Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, Magnet Advisory Board, Student Council Executive Board, an AP Scholar with Distinction and a host of other awards.

Not only is she very smart, Camille is also musically talented. She plays a number of instruments: piano, guitar and viola. But most of all she loves to sing, thus, her love of opera. She has a vocal range of soprano. Camille was the finalist in the Governorís Honors Program in Vocal Performance and won first place in Musical Composition under the School Level Reflections. In 2011, she was awarded the Outstanding Musician of the Year together with the Choral Musicianship Award. She is currently a member of the Georgia Youth Symphony Chorus and the soloist of the LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation).

Furthermore, Camille is busy with community and volunteer work in several organizations and churches. She serves as a cantor, a tutor, an usher, and also supervises disabled children. When not busy with school, music and community work and wants to take a break, Camille loves to solve 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles. As graduation is just around the corner, Camille wants to take Speech Pathology and Vocal Performance in college.

Cesar De Los Reyes
PRO, Fil-Am

The 2014 Fil-Am Atlanta Board at the 39th Inaugural and New Year's Eve Ball.

The past presidents at planning meeting for the 40th anniversary celebrations.

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Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta. Serving the Filipino-American community since 1974.