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Pay your 2018 dues today to vote at the Mar. 31 picnic

The Fil-Am referendum on the sole constitutional amendment is 30 days away. Please pay your Fil-Am dues for 2018 today, so you can vote at the referendum. Use the PayPal button on the Fil-Am homepage.

Roaring 20’s Valentine’s Party and Membership Drive 2.10.2018

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Thank you to all those who attended Fil-Am Valentine's Party and Membership drive last Saturday, February 10, 2018. It was a blast and a sight to behold... it was the Roaring 20s come alive- The ladies came dressed in their glittery flapper dresses, headpieces and frivolous jewelry. The gentlemen wore their dapper suits and hats.
We welcome the new members and we appreciate those who renewed their membership to the association. It is your membership that makes possible the year round eventsat which we gather to cultivate and grow our heritage and culture. As a Fil-Am member, you help build and sustain the spirit of community among Filipino- Americans in the Metro Atlanta area.
We definitely had a great time, danced the night away with gleeful abandon! Congratulations to the winners: Most Recently Married couple Longest Married couple Most Romantic couple Best Dancing couple Best Dressed Female and Male guest
Two past Fil-Am Presidents namely Gloria Sabiniano and Koko Trinidad were inductedas Elders for 2018-2020. They join Marites Pellicer and Fred Vidanes for 2016-2019, Jim Hiett, Pam Peterman and Nene Salgado for 2017 -2019. The Tribunal of Elders consist of seven past Presidents in whom the judicial power of the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta is vested.
Again, thank you all for your continuing support. Special thank you to our emcee, Miss Fil-Am Christine Dulog, lead judge for the contests, Venus Soriano, our awesome DJ for the night, Willee Bonus. We look forward to seeing you all at the next event. Please save the date, Spring Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt on March 31, 2018 at Lilburn Park. LH

Now accepting applications for Fil-Am Presidential Scholar!

Submit your application by March 28, 2018! Apply right 
arrow here.

President Nenette Smith's Inaugural Speech

Distinguished guests, ladies & gentlemen, good evening. Thank you for coming tonight.

I am honored to stand before you tonight, and I am humbled that you have chosen me to lead this prestigious association for the year 2018. I have been on the Fil-Am board in the past few years as membership chair, service chair & social chair. Knowing the past leadership, I realize I have big shoes to fill, but with your support, and with the 2018 board of officers, together, we can do it!

We will do our very best to serve you. We will continue to hold the activities that bring Fil-Am families together: valentines’ party & membership drive, spring picnic, Miss Fil-Am pageant, fall picnic, bingo social and NYE/induction ball.

I look forward to seeing all of you, your family and friends to all of these events. I welcome your input on how we can better serve you and the Filipino community. Membership and involving our youth is one challenge that I know we need to work on. I encourage you to participate and engage in the many Fil-Am activities will be ongoing throughout the year. Through these events, we can demonstrate our love and pride of our culture and heritage.

As I embark on this journey, I want to thank my family
For their presence here tonight, for their unwavering support the previous years and especially for this coming year.

Again, thank you for your confidence in me. Thank you for coming tonight. Please enjoy the rest of the evening.
I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!

From President Lilia Hagler


Young and old alike thoroughly enjoyed the visit of Santa to the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta's Christmas party yesterday. The atmosphere was festive, holiday songs were sung, and good food was shared by all. "Mano po," a gesture of respect to and receiving blessing from an elder, a uniquely Filipino tradition was practiced by about thirty children and it was pure delight to see their happy faces. The welcome address by our Social Chair, Ms. Lolit Elliott and the Invocation by Social Committee member, Ms Elizabeth Villanueva reflected on how blessed we are and indeed we are grateful and mindful of the birth of Jesus!

I thank each and everyone who attended the event. Your continuing support inspires us to always do our best to serve you. A special thank you to our dynamic and beautiful emcee Ms. Venus Soriano, to Mr. Willee Bonus who DJ'd just the right song for the right time and to Ms. Elsie Vidanes for coordinating the venue. To the 2017 Fil-Am Board, thank you for a job well done!

Our next event is New Year's Eve Ball and Induction of the 2018 Fil-Am Board of Officers. I invite you all to welcome the new year with us at the Marriott Century Hotel. I look forward to seeing you all there. For now, Merry Christmas!
Lilia Hagler

New Year's Message

As we begin the 43rd year of the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta, the 2017 Board would like to express our sincere appreciation to all who attended the New Year's Eve Ball and Induction, and our deepest gratitude to all who have so generously given time, amazing talent and financial resources to the organization since inception.

We are very excited about serving the community. Our theme this year is "Celebrating our Youth and Honoring our Seniors." We invite you and encourage you to be members, participate in the organization's activities so that together we can be an active link to our Filipino culture and identity.

We thank you deeply for your support. We look forward to seeing each one of you on February 11, 2016 at 6 pm to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Very truly yours,
Lilia Hagler and the Fil-Am Board

BINGO Social!

BINGO Social
Saturday, August 13th
11 am to 3 pm
St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church Social Hall
4300 King Springs Road
Smyrna Georgia 30082

Please come and join us in an informal indoor setting and enjoy a day of fun with friends and new found friends.
This is one event where we treat our member and non- member Fil-Am seniors (age 65 & above) to a FREE bingo game (2 play cards) and lunch!
Play cards are $2.00 each or 3 play cards for $5.00
Lunch is for sale for $5.00

To donate prizes or for more info, please contact Ms. Ana Blackburn; 404-925-2639



The annual Miss Fil-Am pageant is a venue where young accomplished Filipino-American ladies compete for the title and honor to represent and serve the Filipino-American community, and where the ladies are given the opportunity to learn, share and experience Philippine history, customs and traditions through music, dances and literary arts.

Since Ms. Marites Pellicer has taken over the responsibility of producing and directing the Miss Fil-Am Pageant in 2007, the pageant has not only been a learning and a once in a lifetime experience for the candidates; it has also become an event that the community looks forward to, because of the cultural extravaganza it presents.

Completing the candidates for the 2016 Miss Fil-Am Pageant is a full blooded Filipina through and through and the daughter of Jeff Dulog of Kawit, Cavite and Grace Escobar Dulog of Imus, Cavite. She has recently graduated from South Forsyth High School and a rising freshman at the University of Georgia where she plans to pursue a major in anthropology and a minor in Spanish.

Please meet, KRISTIN DULOG!

Colette Virginia Wink


One of the challenges of a Filipino immigrant to America is how to assimilate to the mainstream society. It becomes even more challenging when you enter into an inter- cultural marital relationship. The chances of being able to keep your Filipino identity in the children of mix marriages become less and less. This is where the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta plays a very important role; we organize year round activities where Filipino Americans gather to cultivate and grow our heritage and culture.

Miss Colette Virginia Wink is the product of an inter-cultural marriage, but she is as Filipino as she is an American. She gives a lot of credit to her mom, Milagros Egay Wink.

“When she had me, she sacrificed her career to stay at home with me and shortly after, my little brother. It doesn’t take a genius to know that raising children is a thankless, exhausting, and frustrating job. Especially when raising a kid like me. Everything she did for us when we were younger, taking us to practices and games all over the state, helping us with our homework, cooking us delicious meals, and supporting us through it all, is simply the greatest testament of her unconditional love and endless self- sacrifice.

As I have grown into a woman, her example of turning to Christ in all things has been her most important lesson yet. She has always been there for me, in my times of joy and my times of grief. She is my best friend and my confidant. Words can’t convey how much she means to me, and I’m sure I don’t express it the way she deserves. But I love her, and I am always thankful to her, for I know if I could be half the woman she is, that maybe I’ll end up alright in this crazy roller coaster of life.”

Miss Shereen Ragheb, Miss Fil-Am Candidate


The annual Miss Fil-Am pageant is a venue where young accomplished Filipino-American ladies compete for the title and honor to represent and serve the Filipino-American community, and where the ladies are given the opportunity to learn, share and experience Philippine history, customs and traditions through music, dances and literary arts.

On July 16th, three lovely young ladies will be competing for this most prestigious title of Miss Fil-Am. In the next three weeks, you will come to know each and every candidate who are each hoping for your support by joining them on the night of the pageant and the celebrations.

First to step up to the challenge is a 16 year old junior from Riverwood International Charter High School in Sandy Springs. She was born in Stamford, Connecticut on January 27, 2000 to Grace Jordan Ragheb of Cavite, Philippines and Hesham Ragheb from Egypt. At the tender age of 16, she has got her priorities straightened out; - graduate from high school, get a degree in UGA, get a job and then travel the world!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta is proud to present the first candidate to the Miss Fil-Am Pageant 2016, Miss Shereen Ragheb!

Filipino/Tagalog language classes!

We have enough children to form a class!
Classes will be offered July 9, 16, 23 and 30,
11 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
in the Toco Hills area of Atlanta 30329.

The Filipino-American Assn. of Greater Atlanta will sponsor the classes and pay for the tuition of the children. Parents will pay $5 per student for the class materials.

Thank you, Fil-Am Atlanta!

A SEPARATE class at a different time will be offered for adults.
Vic Romero

Napakagandang video ng Songspell !

Napakagandang video ng Songspell !
Please click here

Virginia Baccay funeral arrangements

Dearest Friends,
The following arrangements have been made for Virginia:
Monday, May 2 & Tuesday, May 3
Winkenhofer Pine Ridge Funeral Home
2950 North Cobb Parkway
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152

Funeral Mass:
Wednesday, May 4
Saint Catherine of Sienna Roman Catholic Church
1618 Ben King Road NW
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

Atlanta’s iconic Indian community leader Dr. Narsi dies of heart attack

Atlanta, April 30, 2016 — Atlanta’s iconic and highly respected Indian community leader Dr. Narsi L.S. Narasimhan, CEO, Paalam, Inc. and founder of Indian Professional Network (IPN), passed away in his apartment on Friday, April 29 evening. According to preliminary medical reports, the cause of death was a massive heart attack.

Late Dr. Narsi’s family is currently planning his final rites and memorial services. Further information will be made available when available.

Virgie Pabalan Baccay

Dearest Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our most beloved Virgie - loving wife, incredible mother, amazing friend and teacher - passed away at 5:09 pm surrounded by family.

We cannot thank you all enough for your love and support. For those who were able to visit her yesterday, you brought so much joy to one of her final days.

We are planning her final arrangements and will keep you informed. In the meantime, please continue your most kind prayers for her angelic soul and for those she has graciously left behind. Her spirit will always be with us, and we are truly grateful for the life and love she gave to us all.

Much love,
Romy, Eleanor & Cristina and Family

Salubong! Easter Picnic!

"Salubong" - Encounter at Laurel Park
March 26th, Saturday
11 am to 3 pm
Laurel Park
151 Manning Road
Marietta, GA 30064

•Pot Luck Picnic
•Hot Dogs & Hamburgers for the kids
•Fil-Am to provide LECHON
•Easter Egg Hunt
•Kids & Adult Games
•“Minatamisan” Auction
•Line Dancing
•Live Band Music
•DJ Music by Mr. Willee Bonus
•Face Painting
•Photo op with the Easter Bunny
•Ice Cream cart from Manila Mart

EASTER PICNIC! Save the date!

​MARCH 26, 2016
SATURDAY, 11 am to 3 pm
The Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta

Prepare your kids to meet the Easter Bunny!

2016 Fil-Am Presidential Scholarship Award

Every year, the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta recognizes an outstanding student in the Filipino-American community for academic excellence, leadership involvement, and community service. The deserving student is designated as the Fil- Am Presidential Scholar and awarded with a One Thousand Dollar ($1,000) scholarship grant.

The recipient of the 2016 Fil-Am Presidential Scholarship Award will represent Fil-Am in the search for the 2016 Asian/Pacific- American Council of Georgia (APAC) Scholar and for the 2016 Asian Pacific Islanders for Professional and Community Advancement (APCA) Scholar.

Applicants must posses the following qualifications;
Be a high school senior at an accredited institution in the Greater Atlanta area.
Be a resident of Georgia.
Be a dependent of a paid member of the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta for at least 2 consecutive years.
Be of Filipino descent.
Have a consistent superior record of academic achievement with a minimum GPA of 3.5.
Exhibit good leadership and citizenship.
Consistently participate in extra-curricular and community/volunteer activities.
Not be related to any one of the current 2016 Fil-Am Officers. Interested parties must fill out the attached application form and mail back by March 19, 2016 to;

Ms. Marites Pellicer
1194 Bailing Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30043​

Latest newsletter!

Check out the latest newsletter at Balitang Pilipino! Click on the words Balitang Pilipino!

Valentine Luau: You Are Invited

Traditionally, the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta uses the Valentine party as a venue for the organization's membership drive. It gives us the opportunity to thank the loyal members for their relentless support and active participation in our events. This year, we are giving all paid members a FREE raffle ticket (worth $5) each, and the opportunity to win a 40" widescreen TV. This is our way of showing our appreciation for your help in building and sustaining the spirit of community among Filipino-Americans in metro Atlanta, simply by being Fil-Am members.

We promise an unforgettable Valentine date with your significant other, as we take you to Hawaii for a Valentine Luau, where you can enjoy a sumptuous 8 course sit down dinner, entertainment, an all night ball room dancing and lots of fun. Please come in Hawaiian or festive attire as we will heat up the night with all the festivities.

Make new friends and reminisce good times with old friends.

Saturday February 13, 2016 at 6:30 PM EST
Sunday February 14, 2016 at 12:00 AM EST

Happy Valley Dimsum & Asian Cuisine
5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30093

Message from the President

First, I would like to introduce myself to those who don't know me. My name is Mariane Pedrezuela Bayani, but you can call me Mayette. I am honored and privileged to be given the task of being 2016 Fil-Am president which I graciously accept and promise to be worthy of your trust

I believe that Filipino Americans, like all Americans, must be aware of our cultural and historical roots and learn the lessons that history teaches us, if we are to contribute positively to the constant and inevitable transformation of this nation of immigrants. Learning and teaching our history is not just a need for us as a community but our responsibility to society as a whole.

As 2016 Fil-Am president I would like to be the first one to thank YOU, our loyal members, especially those who actively participate in all our events. Your continued support and participation have sustained the existence and growth of this organization. As always, we continue to anticipate your presence in the upcoming events, like the Valentine’s Party (Feb. 13), Easter Picnic (March 26), June 12 Independence Day Celebrations, Miss Fil-Am Pageant (July 16), The Debutantes’ Ball (Sept. 24), Bingo Social (Aug. 13), Fall Picnic (Oct. 15) and Family Christmas Party (Dec. 3). The details will be announced as they become available. Fil-Am will also sponsor the "Songspell Concert" this year. This concert features very talented kids from Davao City Philippines, with ages ranging from 3 years to 21 years old, who come to visit several US cities every two years, showcasing their talents in singing and dancing.

The advent of the internet and the various social media have negatively impacted the Fil-Am membership and other similar social organizations, because it has become much easier to communicate with our families back home. This has taken away the homesickness factor which was the main reason why Filipinos overseas band together; - in order to help ease the pain of loneliness. Social media has also made it a lot easier for people to get together in such short notice, so pockets of private parties among Filipinos here in Georgia have become prevalent and in the process have competed with our organized events. Little by little Filipino Americans are finding these social organizations as irrelevant.

Parties and gatherings are nice, but a setting where children can hear their history (not just American, but Filipino-American history) or practice speaking their parents' languages would be priceless gifts.

The Filipino American Association of Greater Atlanta uses these parties and gatherings as a venue or medium, so to speak, to incorporate Philippine culture and traditions. It is our responsibility to share our experiences, our stories, and our knowledge with the younger generation of Filipino Americans. How else can Filipino Americans truly know their ethnic identities?

I therefore ask you, our loyal supporters, to continue sustaining the existence and growth of this organization. I also urge you to become ambassadors of goodwill for our organization and invite your friends and family to join our organization by forwarding this letter to your network. Please ask them to click on link below to go to our website and become a member.

I thank you once again and looking forward to embarking on this journey with you, in learning and teaching our history to our Fil-Am youth and mainstream friends.


Marianne "Mayette" Bayani
2016 President

Fil-Am members elect 2016 board at fall picnic

Fifty-three registered members were among the dozens of folks who attended the annual fall picnic at Lilburn Park on Saturday, October 17, 2015.
The following were elected to the 2015 board:
President, Mayette Bayani
Vice President, Mike Billedo
Secretary, Lynn Aquino
Treasurer, Juliet Cook
Social Chair, Berna Bray
Membership Chair, Rose Nagaj
Service Chair, Ana Blackburn
Culture Chair, Emelyn Turner
PRO, Willy Blanco
Ways & Means Chair, Ed Villanueva.

Fall Picnic, LILBURN PARK, October 17

The Fall Picnic will be held at LILBURN PARK, 76 MAIN STREET, LILBURN , GA 30047 from 11:00am to 3:00pm on October 17, 2015. We encourage all to bring a dish to share and Fil-Am will bring the LECHON.

We invite you to consider serving as a Fil-Am officer

To: ALL Fil-Am Members
Fil-Am Association of Greater Atlanta will have the election for the 2016 Board of Officers at the Annual Picnic on October 17th .
We invite you to consider serving the community as a Fil-Am officer. We will be honored to have you. Please give it a thought.
Please be a Current PAID MEMBER. and active in the community. This will be a great chance for you to be of service to our growing Fil-Am community.
Please advise if you are interested in any of the position as Officer / Board Member for 2016. Thank you. Details of picnic event will be announced soon.

Koko Trinidad
Fil-Am Association of Greater Atlanta
Sandy Springs , GA

Fl-Am at Asian Cultural Experience


Fellow Filipino-Americans, today is the final day for experiencing ACE for 2015. Go to the Gwinnett Civic Center to witness and experience what our fellow Asian-Americans have prepared for you.
Last night was the coronation of the 2015 Miss ACE who would be representing the Asian Community in Georgia. And let us Fillipino-Americans be really proud for it was our own Miss Fil-Am for 2015, Alison Nagaj, who came out on top of eleven (11) candidates. Go see and congratulate her as she leads about 40 Asian women in a cultural fashion show !!!
Guests and friends were also treated to the New JAMMRS & Friends treating everyone to awesome dance music.
Let us also congratulate our Fil-Am captain for this event, Jovie Aguilar, and our past presidents, Elsie Vidanes, Eleanor Pascual and a lot of other Filipinos that put their time and effort in representing us in this Asian Community event.
Be at the Gwinnett Civic Center today !!!
Cesar De Los Reyes PRO
Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta

The Search for 2015 Miss Fil-Am

The Filipino American Association of Greater Atlanta
Announces the Search for candidates to the
2015 Miss Fil-Am Pageant

We the 2015 Board of Officers are asking your help to please participate and if you know anyone with the following qualifications let us know.
Must have at least one-fourth Filipino heritage.
Must be at least 16 years of age and not more than 20 years of age by June 2015
Must be a student at or a graduate from an accredited high school or college institution in Georgia or homeschooled
Must be single, never been married, and never have given birth to a child
Must be a Fil-Am member in good standing or, if a minor, must have a parent or guardian who is a Fil-Am member in good standing
Must be in good health and has good moral character with no prior conviction of misdemeanor or felony
Must be a legal resident of Georgia

Miss Fil-Am Cash Prize $1000.00
Crown, Scepter (loan for the night only) and 2015 Miss Fil- Am Sash
Runner-up(s) Cash Prize $ 300.00
OTHER REWARDS: The candidates who solicit in excess of the minimum requirement of $500.00 in advertisements shall be reimbursed 50% of the surplus to assist in their personal expenses for the Pageant
Please Contact:
Mr. Koko Trinidad, AQToy@aol.com (770) 849 - 3309
Ms. Marites Pellicer, tesmari@charter.net (404) 729 - 5055
Ms. Nenette Smith, setten2019@yahoo.com (678) 485 – 8950
Ms. Elsie Vidanes, elsievidanes@yahoo.com (678) 908 – 5130
Ms. Mayette Bayani, maepb726@gmail.com (404) 316 - 9238

Your help and support as always is very much appreciated. Maraming salamat at Mabuhay!

Pinoys at APAC (Asian / American Pacific Council of Georgia, Inc.

Fil-Am represented all Pinoys at the APAC (Asian / American Pacific Council of Georgia, Inc.) 30th year celebration.

The event had several VIP's from the State of Georgia, national corporations, Metro Atlanta companies and business. I was proud to witness notable members of the Fil-Am community receiving achievement awards including our 2015 Fil-Am Presidential Scholarship awardee. Here are some photos I was privileged to take during the dinner celebration.
Thank you,
Cesar De Los Reyes PRO

"Pistahan sa Wills Park" was a great success

"Pistahan sa Wills Park" was a great success that the Filipino- American Association of Greater Atlanta would like to thank ALL Filipino-Americans that have come to join Fil-Am, came to show their support, came with family and brought guests and friends to our Spring Picnic & Easter Egg Hunt. We hope you enjoyed your visit, like what you've seen and plan to grace our coming events.

We thus invite you to visit the Atlanta Pinoy & Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta facebook group sites for updates in the Filipino-American community and Fil-Am's upcoming Miss Filipino- American Association of Greater Atlanta for 2015.

Fil-Am at Facebook

We are searching and inviting Fil-Am ladies from 16-20 yrs old to vie and represent the Fil-Am community for 2015. Please contact the following for additional information:
Koko Trinidad Email: aqtoy@aol.com TEL: 678-849-3309
Mayette Bayani Email: maepb726@gmail.com TEL: 404-316- 9238
Nenette Smith Email: setten2019@yahoo.com TEL: 678-485- 8950
Elsie Vidanes Email: elsievidanes@yahoo.com TEL: 678-908- 5130

Till our next event. Thank you.
Cesar De Los Reyes PRO
Fil-Am Assoc of Greater Atlanta

On behalf of the Ella and De Gracia Families

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Ella and De Gracia Families, we would like to thank all of you for coming to pay your last respects to Vangie and for participating in the celebration of her life.

The celebration would not have been a success without you. Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude to those who took time out of their busy schedules and traveled near and far to be with us during this most difficult time. Our appreciation also goes out to Father Sunny and to the Filipino choir for their contribution to the beautiful funeral mass. .

The attendance was overwhelming in spite of the short notice. Thanks everyone for your participation and in sharing your favorite entrees, desserts, drinks and for helping in setting and cleaning up the parish hall.

Vangie is now resting in peace watching over us with a big smile.

God bless,

Elsie Medina Vidanes

Evangeline Ella Funeral

Dear Friends,
Evangeline "VANGIE" de Gracia Ella had been very active in the Filipino community through the years. For those who knew her, we would like to invite you to please come and join us pay our last respects to Vangie.on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 7:00 o'clock in the evening at
801 Tom Smith Road
Lilburn, GA 30047
(770) 023=6633
Viewing will start promptly at 7:00 P.M. followed by a Funeral Mass to be celebrated by Father Sunny.. We would also like to honor Vangie with a reception at Reynolds Hall, SJN Parish Hall, to celebrate her life following immediately after the mass.. kindly share a dish for the celebration to let the family feel that they are not alone during this difficult time.

In lieu of flowers, a modest gift of love will be much appreciated. Kindly send your donation to:
130 Old Plantation Way
Fayetteville, GA 30214

Thank you all very much for your kindness, generosity and spirit of love.

God bless,

Elsie Medina Vidanes

Wow! "Pistahan sa Wills Park"

WOW ... really wow, what an event ...

"Pistahan sa Wills Park" our Fil-Am Spring Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt plus our awesome Easter Bunny and ... and ... yes and more smile emoticon well, I just need to show you the pictures and what you have missed if you did not show up !

Attendance this year was more than total attendance last year .... oooops. This year though, we had our Lords blessing with excellent weather compared to Atlanta's weather last year. Anyway, here are the photos and visit us often for our Miss Fil-Am 2015 is coming soon.

Special thanks to our Social Chair Nenette Smith and her committee ! and of course to the Fil-Am 2015 Board and it's advisers ! -- Cesar Delos Reyes, PRO

Evangeline de Gracia Ella

With great sadness and deep sorrow, we announce that our dear friend Evangeline Ella passed away today, 4/1/2015, after a long battle with cancer.
Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Oscar Ella and children Angelie Ella and Jun Jun Ella,
May she rest in peace!
We shall announce more details as they become available!

Evangeline de Gracia Ella was a longtime member and supporter of Fil- Am.
Vangie as she was fondly called, was in the last stage of her life. She was confined in hospice care at the Tranquility at Kennesaw Mountain 475 Dickson Avenie, Marietta, GA 30064.
Please keep Vangie and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
God bless.
Elsie Medina Vidanes

Pistahan sa Wills Park

We are getting close !!!!! April 4, 2015 is the day and it is a Saturday. "Pistahan sa Wills Park" 2015 Fil-Am Association of Greater Atlanta's Spring Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt

You are cordially invited to come join us and be a member of the Fil-Am Association of Greater Atlanta in it's 41st year of existence. We are celebrating Spring with a Picnic & an Easter Egg Hunt. Our Easter Bunny will grace the event and will be available for the children and pictures with the family. So come and share a dish and a drink while Fil-Am will bring the Lechon.

We will also be having our first introduction to the candidates for Miss Fil-Am 2015. Don't forget to join the Minatamisan auction and the required dancing ... the JAMMRS will be providing the music for our event.

Saturday April 4, 2015
11:00am to 3:00pm
Wills Park, Big Pavilion 3
11925 Wills Road
Alpharetta, GA 30009
678-297-6130 .......
Pot Luck Picnic (by last names)
A-E Desserts
F-J Meat
K-N Seafood
O-S Noodles (pansit, pasta)
T-Z Fruits & Vegetables
Plus ONE 2 Liter Soda
See you all at our "Pistahan sa Wills Park":
Cesar De Los Reyes PRO
Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia


Dear Fil-Am High School Seniors,
Here it is, a scholarship award that you can be proud of. And not only one award but this Presidential Scholarship Award LEADS you to two more possible scholarship awards with just one application.
The search is on to recognize an outstanding student in the Filipino-American community for academic excellence, leadership involvement and community service....
The following are the criteria that an applicant must adhere to:
1. Be a High School Senior at an accredited institution in the Greater Atlanta area.
2. Be a dependent of a paid member of the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta for at least two (2) consecutive years.
3. Be of Filipino descent.
4. Have a consistent superior record of academic achievement with a minimum GPA of 3.5.
5. Exhibit good leadership and citizenship.
6. Consistently participate in extra-curricular and community/volunteer activities.
7. Not be related to any one of the current 2015 Fil-Am Officers.
Click here for the application packet.
Please mail ALL the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS postmarked by March 16, 2015 to:
The Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta
Attn: Scholarship Committee
1194 Bailing Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Any questions regarding the submission procedures may be addressed via e-mail to: mpellicer@atl-filam.org or call 404-729-5055
YOU don't want to miss this prestigious opportunity,


10/16/2014 7:56:00 AM
It’s spring time! And what better way to celebrate the changing of the season than to attend the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta’s:

Annual Spring Picnic Potluck
Saturday, April 16, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
East Roswell Recreation Center
9000 Fouts Road, Roswell, GA 30076
Admission is free! Simply bring your favorite dish to share. Bid on your favorite dessert at the Minatamisan Auction. Easter Egg Hunt available for children ages 0-6 and 7-10. See you then!

Parisian Valentine’s Party and Membership Drive

3/21/2011 2:27:00 PM
The Fil-Am Board thanks the more than 150 who attended the Parisian Valentine’s Party and Membership Drive last Saturday, February 12, at the Grace United Methodist Church. We would also like to extend a special thanks to the 111 individuals who have already paid their membership dues. If you have not yet renewed your membership or signed up to become a new member, it’s not yet too late. You may still do so by going to our website (www.atl-filam.org) and paying through Paypal or clicking this link - http://atl-filam.org/2011/Member-Form-2011.pdf.

Everyone at the Valentine’s Party had a good time catching up with old friends, making new friends, enjoying the food, having their pictures taken at the Eiffel Tower and dancing the night away. The event was made even more special as the group honored select couples and gave away raffle prizes.

Contest Winners:
Best Marriage Proposal – Ralph and Didi O’Connor
Most Recently Married – Kyle and Toni Samuelu married on Sept. 26, 2009
Longest Married Couple – Dr. Manolo and Gloria Apanay married on Mar. 10, 1964
Mr. and Mrs. Valentines – Arnold and Lilia Manangan

Raffle Winners:
Weekend at the Hilton – Lolit Elliott
$50 DSW Collections gift certificate – Lilia Manangan
$20 Le Mekong gift certificate – John Nardiello
$25 American Express gift certificate – Willy Blanco
Digital picture frame – Mae Penaflorida
Bottle of VuQo – Ellen Nardiello
Bottle of VuQo – Luisa Godbold
Cake platter – Jenny Reyes

Our Valentine’s party and Membership Drive would not have been successful without the able leadership of Social Chair Stacey Sado, the enthusiasm of Membership Chair Ellen Nardiello, the guidance of past President Marites Pellicer and immediate past President Doddy Ward, the contribution of all the board members, the help of Tony Suarez and his team of student volunteers from the Filipino Student Association and the participation of our Fil-Am Assn. of Greater Atlanta members.

We hope to see all of you again at our next event – the Spring Picnic, on Saturday, April 16, at the East Roswell Recreation Center. More details about this event will follow soon.

Joyfully serving you,

Your Fil-Am Board


3/21/2011 2:08:00 PM
The Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta
announces the search for
the 2011 Miss Fil-Am

Qualifications of Prospective Candidates

a. Must have at least one Filipino grandparent
b. Must be at least 17 years of age and not more than 21 years of age by June 2010
c. Must be single, never been married, and never have given birth to a child
d. Must be a Fil-Am member in good standing or, if a minor, must have a parent or guardian who is a Fil-Am member in good standing
e. Must be in good health and has good moral character with no prior conviction of misdemeanor or felony
f. Must be a legal resident of Georgia


The Miss Fil-Am will receive $ 1000.00, a Crown to keep, a sash and a scepter for the night.
Runners-up will receive $ 300.00.

Interested parties may contact Marites Pellicer (mpellicer@atl-filam.org) or Doddy Ward (dward@atl-filam.org) for details. The 2011 Ms. FilAm will be crowned during the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta's Independence Day celebration on Saturday, June 4, 2011, 6:00 pm at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast Hotel, 5993 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Norcross GA 30092.


3/21/2011 2:05:00 PM
The Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta
invites you to
"Maria Clara" the 113th Philippine Independence Day/
Miss Fil-Am Pageant/150 years of Dr. Jose Rizal

When: Saturday, June 4, 2011, 6:00 pm
Where: Hilton Atlanta Northeast Hotel (Castle on the Hill)
5993 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Norcross, Georgia 30092
Cost: $50 per person

Do save the date, tell family and friends about it and watch out for more details in the coming weeks.
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